peermentorAs a Christian school, one of our major goals is to develop young leaders that serve from a Christian leadership perspective and who multiply themselves in others. We believe that this is accomplished through many different avenues, and that mentoring is a key component in this process.  Since our mentoring program started at RCCS, we have watched God use it in many ways:

  • peer mentoring (at our elementary campus)
  • student mentoring, where older students mentor younger students
  • formal parent/student mentoring in association with our high school leadership course
  • informal adult/student lunchtime mentoring

Lunchtime Mentoring:   We have expanded our program with “Lunchtime Mentoring”.  This is where an adult commits to having lunch or spending a “study hall period” with an assigned student each week (or bi-weekly) at our Beloit campus.  These kids need to have someone to encourage them, connect with them, listen to them and believe in them.  You may be meeting with them only twice a month, but the impact you have on them can last a lifetime.The mentoring program isn’t for everyone, but if you have a heart for kids it is for you. 

Each adult is carefully matched with a student according to their interests, background, and needs. Mentors are encouraged to share about their careers and ask students about their goals, struggles and successes. All mentors must agree to a background check and brief training before beginning the  mentoring relationship.

Please pray about our mentoring program and ask God if you have something to share with a student at RCCS. If you are interested in participating in our mentoring program or would simply like more information, please call 608-365-7378 or email 

Don’t just write this generation off….sit down with them and get involved with their lives.  You may never know the impact you are having on them this side of heaven, but if you are willing to share your life with them, you can make a difference in their future!! 


MENTORING:  A relationship with a purpose; a source of information, wisdom and counsel; encourages specific skills and behaviors; evaluates progress; helps create goals, plans and action steps; lends perspective; nurtures curiosity; opens doors; increases motivation. He/she gives, risks, invests, models and ministers.

Discernment, Tolerance, Flexibility, Patience, Vision, Giftedness, Affirmation & Recognition, Experience
1 . has a heart for mentoring and recognizes its strategic role in the training process.
2 . has experience in leading and mentoring.
3 . is growing spiritually and is a person of prayer.
4 . evidences emotional stability and balance in his/her entire life.
5 . is motivated and knowledgeable
6 . is willing to grow in his/her knowledge of mentoring and become a resource person to others.
7 . effectively communicates and passionately motivates others toward the vision, principles, and process of mentoring in their context.
• Not listening, and talking too much.
• Trying to project their own ideas into the young leader rather than what God wants.
• Giving up too soon on young leader or project
• Lack of assessment
• Trying to do too much, too quickly


• Seen by the results. Keep the big picture in mind. Often it is not an easy task, but well worth it.
• Short term outcomes: Learn certain competencies, spiritual life growth, biblical knowledge, leadership abilities, clearer career path, and character development.