Recommend Resources


The Mind Under Grace Why a heady dose of doctrine is crucial to spiritual formation (tb)

Mentored by a Milker of Cows  Shows the importance of mentoring (tb)

 Still the Way, the Truth, and the Life 52% of American Christians believe that non-Christian faiths can lead to eternal life! This article, by John R. Franke, addresses this incredible error. (tb)


Dragons in our Midst series by Bryan Davis l. Raising Dragons, 2. The Candlestone, 3.Circles of Seven, 4. Tears of a Dragon For upper elementary students, HS, or adults who like dragons, knights, adventure etc. Great alternative to secular authors writing on these items.

The Bait of Satan by John Bevere…exposes one of Satan’s most deceptive snares to get you out of God’s will — offense. Stay free from offense — and escape the victim mentality. (ss)

A Scandalous Freedom by Steve Brown….Do you prefer the security of man-made regulations to the adventure of freedom? The implications of freedom can sometimes be dangerous; but the alternative is deadly: a life without joy and void of celebration of our unique gifts in Christ. (ss)

The Power of a Praying Parent by Stormie Omartian (lr)

Lord, is it Warfare: Teach me to Stand by Kay Arthur (This one is a Bible study)(lr)

I Caught A Little, BIG Fish by Jill Briscoe and Judy Golz “How to help you children Develop a Relationship with God” “Fishing for Faith in the Heart of Your Child” This is written to mothers by Jill and her adult daughter Judy. It is very practical and biblically based insight into raising children to know and serve the Lord. (lh)

The Leader Mentor by Tony Dungy This book explains the importance of getting involved in the lives of other people. Dungy shares many life experiences and examples of leaders who have taken the time to develop strong relationships with others to help them grow and reach their God-given purposes. (tb)

Do Hard Things by Alex and Brett Harris— If teenagers Do Hard Things they can make an incredible difference in the world. (lr)

The Cross-Centered Life by C.J. Mahaney The short book will challenge you to live a life that is centered upon the Cross of Christ. So often we think the good news of the gospel becomes old news once we have accepted Christ. This book reminds us that the gospel is to be an everyday reminder of our sinfulness and God’s great grace. (kt)

Bringing Up Boys– Dr. James Dobson Helpful thoughts in understanding your boy and why they act the way they do (jz) Wild At Heart– John Eldredge Understanding men/boys and how they are wired (jz)

Love & Respect– Dr. Emerson Eggerichs A good marriage book to help you establish a healthy marriage relationship (jz)

Have A New Kid by Friday- Dr. Kevin Leman Interesting thoughts on parenting- concepts could be helpful if you’re in a battle with your teen/child and dealing with issues of respect and obedience (jz)


The Blind Side While this is not a movie made by Christians, both the family and school that are the focus of the film are. This family-friendly flick highlights the need for adoption and helps us to realize how our lives are influenced by others. (kt)

WEBSITES:  Traditional Parenting– Web site has weekly newspaper article, questions that have been asked by parents, etc. (bw)

Ask Pastor John  This site contains specific questions on many different subjects (i.e. theology, parenting, evangelism, spiritual growth, etc…) sent in by people just like you. I think you find Pastor Piper’s answers to be Biblical, applicable, and worth the read. (kt)