Field trips

Field Trip Form— Alternate Vehicle Driver form



4- Entrepreneurship class to Hononegah HS. Leave at 8:15am, back at 10am.

7-Kindergarten field trip to Skelly’s Farm Market-Friday, Oct 7th; 9:00-11:15 fee: $5 each; 3 chaperones needed, $5 each

10- First grade field trip Monday, Oct. 10 8:45-11:45 Welty Environmental Center at Big Hill Park, Beloit WI, 3 chaperones needed. $7.50 per student no cost for chaperones, take cars to the field trip.

23- Skelly’s Farm Market Monday, October 23rd  8:30-11:15; cost $5 per student there is a fee for chaperones too need drivers

24- 5th grade depart 8:30 return 2:30 to Camp Timberlee Field Geology program and dinosaur and fossils program. $10.50 per student      $4.50 donut $ per student   total $15 per student     $5 for chaperones


1- Entrepreneurship classes 3-4 to Carefree Tax, Inc in Janesville. Leaving at 9:40, returning at 11:40.

7- First grade  9:10-2:00   Welty Environmental Center, Beloit, Next to Big Hill; Park- bag lunch at Big Hill and hike;    cost $8.40    2 chaperones plus the teacher

15- 11th & 12th grade Health students to Cancer Care Center in Beloit during 5th-6th periods.

28-   (1:26-2:11) E-Ship 1 to Beloit College Incubator; (2;15-2:55) E-Ship 2 to Beloit College Incubator


2- 5th grade field trip on Friday, Dec. 2 8:20-2:00  (only school day it is being presented) Milwaukee Museum European Days with interpreters in each village, planetarium too. Cost-$9 per student and $9 for chaperone   students pay $6 and donut dollars pay $3 per student.

5-  (1:26-2:11) E-Ship 1 to IronWorks Businesses; (2:15-3:00) E-Ship 2 to IronWorks Businesses

8- Fifth grade, 8:20-2:25  Milwaukee Museum European Days with interpreters and Jean Michel Cousteau’s secret ocean  cost $9.00 per student (donut $ cover the rest)  2 chaperones plus the teacher

14- Second grade  Dec. 14th 8:45-10:15  no cost   Rock River Christian College fossil collection-fossil expert with a Biblical perspective Parent drivers


23- K to Fire Station Janesville Fire Station #1  leave 8:30, return 10 am

25- K to Janesville Veterinary Clinic leave 9:00 return 11

30- K to Beloit Police Station leave 8:30-return 10


5- K to dental personnel coming to school between 8:30-9:00

27-   Third grade  Olbrich Botanical Gardens in Madison, 3 drivers needed, leave 11:30 return 2:45 Cost is $2.75 per each person including chaperone/drivers


14- 2nd grade to Welty Env. Center- tapping trees to get maple syrup and processing it. March 14th  $5.75 a student 8:40-11:15 am


21- 7th and 10th grades are going to Beloit Memorial High School from 9:00 am until 10:50 am to listen to a presentation by a scientist, Wade Davis.

25- Third grade field trip to Francis Willard School in downtown Janesville by the Tallman house. 9:40-11:45 cost-$2.75 per student, 3 chaperones needed.


1- Physical Science (9&10) and Physics students to the Byron Nuclear plant.  Leaving at 11:00 and returning at 2:30.

5- Spanish 1(9th grade) to La Fuente Restaurante, 10:35-11:40. Bring $ for lunch.  We will walk all 4 blocks to get there.

11- Art 10-12 to Chicago

12-Lincoln Douglas Debate Site, Freeport, IL 10:30am – 3:00pm We will be learning about the famous debates and specifically the Freeport Doctrine Cost – $2 plus lunch (we will be eating at the Union Dairy or bring your own lunch) 9th and 10th grade History classes Mr. Thompson and Mr. Cernek

15- Madison Trip – All day  Visiting Wisconsin Family Action, State Capitol, Listening to the Solidarity Singers, eating at Ian’s Pizza (Or bring your own lunch) Cost – $3 plus lunch  Mr. Thompson

19- Kindergarten field trip to the Madison Zoo, Friday, May 19th, no cost, leave JC 8:45 and return at 2:30. Take 2 parent cars.

26- K, 1st, 2nd  Buckskinner’s Rendezvous in Fort Atkinson they have bus reserved May 26th 8:30-2:30 $4.50 per student
chaperones are $2 and all chaperones may not be able to ride the bus due to number of seats. Bring sack lunch