Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there financial aid available?
A: Yes. We offer up to 40% financial aid to qualifying families, and even more in certain cases. We do not want to turn any student away for financial reasons.

Q: Are the teachers certified?
A: Yes, our entire faculty is certified.

Q: Does RCCS accept foreign exchange students?
A: Yes,  we have recently been approved by SEVIS (Student & Exchange Visitor Information System)  and now can issue Forms I-20 to students wishing to study at RCCS. For more information please contact the school ( ).

Q: What kind of extra curricular activities does the school offer?
A: RCCS offers a wide range sports, such as soccer, volleyball, basketball, baseball and golf.  Band, choir and strings are available, as well as drama, newspaper & yearbook clubs.

Q: What percentage of RCCS graduates go on to college?
A: Each year at least 90% of our graduates go on to higher education. Recently our graduates have been accepted at The Air Force Academy, University of California Davis, Northwestern University, Marquette University, the University of Wisconsin, Calvin College, Olivet College, Beloit College, Moody Bible Institute as well as other respected universities.

Q: What is the average class size?
A: While class size varies according to grade level, our average size is 14 students. This allows for more individualized instruction. (Class Size Matters)

Q: What is Christian about RCCS?

  • Integration of Biblical truths into every aspect of the school
  • Every staff member, counselor, and coach is a committed Christian
  • Classroom devotions and prayer time
  • Spiritual theme for each year
  • Chapel held weekly
  • Community Service is required
  • Every year, we set aside a week to celebrate Spiritual Emphasis Week.

Q: What are graduation requirements?
A: Grad Requirements

Q: How can I be involved?
A: There are a number of opportunities available at RCCS for those who want to be involved. Tutoring, driving on fieldtrips, lending a hand with maintenance issues, and helping to promote the school are just a few examples of how to become involved. Call us or visit our “YES” page for more information.

Q: How do I begin the application process to be admitted to RCCS?
A: Families who wish to apply for admission must have a desire for an education based on Biblical Truth. The following requirements must be met:

  • Membership in good standing of a Bible-believing church (many denominations are represented at RCCS) is required.
  • Parents must sign a belief statement that acknowledges that their children will be taught from a Biblical perspective.
  • An interview with parents and student(s) will be arranged to discuss the responsibilities and commitments attached to providing a Christian education and to discuss any special needs of the student.
  • (Rock County Christian welcomes a diversity of race, color, and ethnic origins.)